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Building Inspiring Spaces

We spend almost all of lives in spaces.   Whether it be at work or at home or at various places in between, we are constantly impacted by the constructions around us.  At Avada we strive to make places special.  Sometimes something small like a new paint color or rounded corner can totally transform a room.  And other times a full on remodel is necessary to take a space and elevate it into something even more special.

We understand that we are always constrained by time and budget and that quality is not something that can be sacrificed, so we work with the project manager/owner to assure success.  Simply put, we work with home owners and small businesses to help their visions become reality.


One of the ways we delivery higher quality work than an average contractor is through our rigorous use of project management systems and processes.   Before a project even begins we outline a schedule using industry best practices and our own knowledge of the unique situations presented to us.  We adjust it for our team composition and are able to back into a schedule and price that is very often better than the owner/manager expected.

We like to think of ourselves of rocket scientists that are grounded here on Earth.  Not really, but depending on the project we may utilize the same software systems that they do.   All of this is to say that we do our best to work with you to develop a vision and then see it realized.

Complete Renovation Services

When you have a dream, what do you do to turn it into reality?  For us, it starts with an idea and brainstorming with creative minds to ferret out all of the little details.  Next we sit down using modeling software and draw out what the space looks like.  What color are the walls?  How does the flooring look?  Can we improve lighting?  How about traffic flow through a space?  There are lots of questions that need to be answered and together we’ll see to it that the idea becomes something you can see on screen.

After the design is agreed to, we begin to dig deeper into the details.  Which specific materials will be used, what the budget constraints are that we need to work with, and how does all of this impact the timeline.  We realize that quality can never be sacrificed, but we can always tweak the budget and schedule to make projects succeed.


It’s said that planning is 80% of a job and in a sense it’s true.  Once you have the “blueprint” and know exactly what has to be done, a project gets completed just like pieces of a puzzle getting snapped together.  But that last 20% is the most important because it’s where your project gets done!

Having that design and direction done, our team is easily able to go in and do the actual construction.  We know down to the fraction of an inch where the sink needs to go, exactly which hardwoods to use, how the tile is staggered, and everything in between.  In fact, at this point our job is even easier than assembling a piece of Ikea furniture.  (Of course having expert plumbers, electricians, etc. on staff helps a bit too!)

As the remodeling is underway, we consistently keep the client informed of our progress and handle the necessary adjustments that inevitably pop up as construction happens.  And as we complete the project, we do a final walk through together before official “project delivery and acceptance”.  It’s our goal to make this process as smooth and streamlined as possible, meaning our clients aren’t bothered with unimportant details.  Working with us makes things truly turn key and stress free.